A Full-Circle Volunteer Day from Stars Toddler to Preparing for the Next Generation of our Tiniest Stars 🌟

The Stars community is grateful to our long-time supporters of the Freemasons of Delta Lodge in Braintree for their time volunteering to assemble several cribs in preparation for the move to our new Weymouth Preschool location opening next month at 163 Libbey Parkway in Weymouth.

This particular volunteer day held special significance as it not only marked a milestone for our move to the new Weymouth Preschool but also celebrated the enduring support of long-time members, Janet Herrett and her son Wayne. Their connection with Stars dates back to 1986 when Janet enrolled Wayne in our Braintree Preschool, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey with Stars that has spanned decades.

Wayne’s trajectory through our programs—from preschool to kindergarten, afterschool initiatives, and summer camps—reflects the lasting impact and positive influence Stars has had on his life. Moreover, Janet’s time spent serving on the South Shore Stars Board exemplifies the enduring support and commitment that has helped shape our organization over the years.

It is truly heartening to witness a full-circle moment, welcoming Wayne and Janet back as volunteers to prepare cribs for the newest members of our Stars family. The collective efforts of our volunteers not only contribute to the physical setting of our new Weymouth Preschool but also symbolize the ongoing bonds of community, support, and shared history.

We express our sincere appreciation to Janet, Wayne, Jay Rockne, and all members of the Freemasons of Delta Lodge of Braintree for their time, devotion, and unwavering support. The commitment of our volunteers and the Freemasons of Delta Lodge plays a pivotal role in the success of our mission, allowing us to serve and impact the lives of 1,300 children, youth, and families on the South Shore.

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